• why bother trying to grow up and be mature? you should just act like you’re sixteen for the rest of your life. act like the absolute worst version of yourself at all times.
  • college is pointless. you can just become a businessman, a novelist, the head of a company, or the editor in chief of a magazine with a high school diploma.
  • you will end up with the person who you fell in love with at age 16/17. you’ll marry them and live miserably ever after. happiness is overrated anyway.
  • being rich is way more important than anything else.
  • if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t have your own career and life goals. instead, latch onto your teenage love for dear life and ride his gravy train to the promise land.
  • do whatever you have to do to be good enough for your teenage love. even if that means demeaning yourself and doing a job you hate, it’s all worth it for your epic love!
  • if a man mistreats you, calls you a wet horse, shallow and sad, or any other slew of insults. if he treats you like property, if he ignores you and physically abuses you it’s just because the power of your love is so strong he cant contain himself! it’s just a sign of his love. if you left him after that you’d be giving up on love and would probably die alone and miserable.
  • what’s the point of having friends if you’re not constantly scheming against them and going behind their backs in attempts to ruin their lives? once you have a falling out with your BFF, go into full on war with them, even if you’re 21. then have a tearful makeup. rinse and repeat.
  • if you’re going to break up with someone, it’s best to just ignore them and flee the country rather than expelling the energy to talk to them.
  • put your epic love before yourself, your life should revolve around him no matter what he does, he needs you! you need him! it’s beautiful!
  • if you’re step siblings with a guy and share an actual blood sibling, it isn’t weird.
  • respect is overrated. don’t respect yourself, your friends, or your family. the only person who matters is your epic love, so just make sure he’s pleased at all times.
  • if a guy treats you right, loves you unconditionally, thinks you’re beautiful and alive and smart and independent, dump him for your epic love. nothing else can compare, and ignore all those pesky doubts. your heart knows better than your brain and uhm, if your hearts not in it, just keep on keeping on, it’ll get better!
  • bulimia and domestic abuse are nbd.
  • if a guy makes you miserable and makes you lose yourself, you’re just being selfish and expecting too much from him. this relationship isn’t about you! it’s about him. you make the sacrifices here!
  • expensive jewelry fixes everything.
  • attempted rape is fine and the attempted rapist should and will get a happy ending, not you, he’s just a kissing bandit, stop being a drama queen. the chuck basses of the world always get the girl, they deserve them. you’d be so lucky to date him.


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Love is easy artwork (x)

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Can we just take a minute to appreciate how happy Dan looks in those pictures.

Like he can’t contain himself.


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La Belle au Bois Dormant.

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It was an improbable romance. He was a country boy. She was from the city. She had the world at her feet, while he didn’t have two dimes to rub together.

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